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No Money Down Solar Financing

We offer many different no-money-down financing options to suit almost any budget and allow businesses to take advantage of Federal & State tax credits.

Cash Purchase

ECS energy Solar Installation

If you have the financial resources available, purchasing your commercial solar system delivers the greatest long-term savings and return on investment. From 2022-2032, you may be able to recover up to 30% of your system cost through federal tax incentives. Your energy savings will pay for the system in a few short years with decades of free electricity to follow.

  • Claim tax incentives
  • Your system will pay for itself with savings on your utility bills
  • Increase your property value

Operating Lease

A traditional Operating Lease is off the balance sheet and provides the least cost of ownership. It also includes attractive purchase options to provide companies with an affordable path to ownership at a discounted price means your system is owned by a financing company which then leases it to your business. The lessor receives the tax benefits including depreciation and the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC).This is ideal when your business cannot use the depreciation or tax credits.

  • No upfront costs
  • Simple fixed monthly payments with no escalation that are 100% tax deductible
  • Terms are typically 7 years
  • Companies keep all energy savings and state and state and local incentives
  • Companies keep all environmental benefits, including solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs)
  • Buy-out at the end of the lease term is usually the fair market value
  • Monetized value of lessor’s equipment tax benefits used to subsidize lessee’s payments
  • Companies obtain greater energy savings and more overall value than available from cost reduction programs, such as power purchase agreements (PPAs)

Capital Lease

A Capital Lease is similar to a loan. Your business will receive all of the tax credits and depreciation benefits that come with solar. The Capital Lease is on the balance sheet and allows cash to be preserved in the business.

  • No up-front capital outlay
  • Fixed monthly payment over term of lease
  • Term is typically 7 years
  • Receive the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Receive the state incentives like SRECs
  • Equipment is capitalized as an asset
  • Receive accelerated depreciation to reduce taxable income
  • Buy-out at the end of the lease term is usually $1

Power Purchase Agreement

Power Purchase Agreement

Solar Roof Installation

With a PPA, a third party owns, maintains and repairs the solar power system for 15-25 years, and you simply agree to buy a guaranteed amount of electricity for significantly less than from the utility company. You pay nothing out-of-pocket, never have to worry about the system and start saving immediately.

  • No out-of-pocket or ownership costs
  • Low price cost per kWh
  • PPA provider claims tax credits and  incentives
  • Low payments for energy and immediate savings


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