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Zago LogoZAGO Manufacturing is an award-winning family-owned business that began over 25 years ago at the New Jersey Institute of Technology Enterprise Development Center small business incubator.  Today, ZAGO is a full-fledged global manufacturing company operating from a 100-year old refurbished factory in the heart of Newark, NJ.  ZAGO has a mission to develop and manufacture clean, sustainable, high-tech self-sealing fasteners, solutions, and components that are deployed to countless high-tech industries including aerospace, automotive, transportation, medicine, robotics, drones, energy, electronics, and military.  ZAGO partnered with ECS Energy to install solar on the rooftops of the building in order to reduce their energy costs making them more cost competitive in the marketplace and also demonstrating the company’s stated mission of being clean, green, and committed to a sustainable future.


Located in an urban environment in a multi-story building, installation logistics and material staging were challenges that required pre-planning with the neighbors and the city.


ECS Energy installed a roof mounted 50.12 kW PV system at ZAGO Manufacturing in Newark, NJ.  The roof-mounted system consists of two arrays.  The first array is an attached racking solution that uses rails mounted to a pitched built-up roof.  The second array is a ballasted, non-penetrating racking solution that is mounted on the flat roof.  Combined, the two arrays generate clean green energy that offsets over 55% of the facility’s annual electric usage.


The rooftop solar arrays at ZAGO offset 55% of the company’s annual electric usage.  The investment in solar dovetails nicely with ZAGO’s stated mission of manufacturing clean, sustainable products for its global customers.

ECS’s installation of our rooftop solar system was extremely smooth and non-disruptive to our business. The savings with respect to tax credits, SRECs and net metering was even more than projected and their customer service is timely and outstanding. We are very proud to be long term partners with ECS energy.

Gail Friedberg, CEO and Co-owner

Quick Facts

50.12 kW

Total System Size


System Type


Projected Savings (25 Years)

90,100 lbs.

CO2 Avoided Per Year