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Colgate Palmolive LogoColgate-Palmolive’s Global Technology Center in Piscataway, NJ is a meticulously maintained sprawling campus that features LEED-certified buildings and a commitment to sustainability.  The Fortune 200-rated global consumer products manufacturer has aggressive goals for sustainability and is constantly implementing initiatives to eliminate waste, conserve water, and reduce its carbon footprint.  ECS Energy partnered with SunPower’s Direct Channel to design and construct solar carport canopies in parking lots around the campus and above the parking garage.  In addition to the solar canopies in the surface lots and above the parking garage, 32 EV charging stations were installed around campus for employee use.  To date, the solar energy generated on campus offsets 20% of the campus’s annual electric usage.


An added challenge to the design of this project was the active Heliport on campus. Canopy positions and heights had to be approved by the FAA to ensure flight paths were not impacted by carport canopies.


ECS and SunPower partnered to install 2,605.68 kW of solar in three phases across the campus using SunPower’s highly efficient 470 watt modules.

Phase 1:  710.64 kW of solar carport canopies on surface parking lots using (1,512) SunPower 470w modules

Phase 2:  1,006.74 kW of solar garage top canopy system using (2,142) SunPower 470w modules

Phase 3:  888.30 kW of solar carport canopies on surface parking lots using (1,890) SunPower 470w modules

The carports were fitted with LED lighting, security cameras, and FAA approved obstruction lights.  Some employees were concerned that the carport canopies might detract from the esthetics of the campus but after the installation was completed, the consensus is that the solar canopies enhance the beauty of the campus and clearly demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainability.


The solar canopies on Colgate-Palmolive’s GTC campus offset 20% of the campus-wide annual electric usage.  The esthetically pleasing solar canopy structures clearly demonstrate Colgate’s commitment to sustainability and also reduce its carbon footprint.

ECS took the time to educate us on the technology, Federal & State incentives, and the value proposition of solar. They considered multiple opportunities on our campus and we decided on carport canopies that are practical, pleasing to the eye, and clearly demonstrate Colgate’s commitment to sustainability. Pete & Jim are very responsive and true professionals. We value their integrity, their knowledge of solar, and their desire to help us meet our renewable energy goals.
Ron Meyer, Campus Manager

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Quick Facts

2,605.68 kW

Total System Size

Garage Canopies / Carport Canopies

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Projected Savings (25 Years)

5,722,800 lbs.

CO2 Avoided Per Year