The four most popular ways to pay for a commercial solar system fall into one, or a combination of, the following options: cash, loans, leases or a PPA/SSA. We recommend choosing a cash purchase whenever possible as it offers the most favorable returns, simplifies ownership, and maximizes solar tax incentives.

Second to cash, low-interest loans, or lines of credit offer the next best ROI on your solar investment. We recommend financing only the necessary portion of the net cost after incentives to achieve the best payback.

Leases are very popular for businesses that want to conserve cash in the business and finance the system over 7 years.  Capital and operating leases are available through ECS’s funding partners.

Power purchase agreements (PPAs), also known as solar service agreements, are a common way to finance solar installations at commercial and institutional facilities in certain states. ECS energy offers PPA programs through our funding partners.